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06 April 2011 @ 05:58 pm
Hello to this group...  
New to this group, but not new to writing. Have been doing it for about eleven years and started out way back when Yahoo Groups was very active. Now, I am taking a writers course for writing for children and am on assignment 7. My teacher is published author Katherine Pebley Oneil--think I got the spelling right and I have been published as much as anyone who has been very determined to get published for their first time. So, I have been published three times--just short stories. Am here for the sake of enthusiasm and encouragement. Need encouragement. I am working on a book for teens--something faith based about a girl who is a magician/Ramona (Beverly Cleary) type. Thing is...this isn't a Harry Potter magician--this is the real thing...get out of handcuffs, enter rooms supposively locked (or cars), slight of hand, and a tiny bit of the illusionist stuff. She gets something taken from her (a box) and little by little the items in the box are given back to her, including a journal from her deceased father (who was killed), starting with the last page--first. The story, is well--the whole plot is under construction while I write it, so I just need to get going and write every day...

Am looking forward to reading other peoples post and have a wonderful day!!!

Personal interests:

Spending time with family
lots of church
listening to industrial music!!! 16 Volt, Pop Will Eat Itself, Acumen nation, Wumpscut and Classic Modern Rock--Consolidated, Wire, P.I.L.
Current Music: 16 Volt