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02 April 2011 @ 08:00 pm
To prologue, or not to prologue...  
How do you feel about prologues? Do you find them useful to engage readers right off the get-go? Or, do you find that they sometimes give away too much information, and you inevitably figure out what twist happens before you really should?

Ultimately, what you do feel is the goal of a prologue? And do you find they are used predominently in a particular genre?

The reason I ask is, I feel as though the novel I've been writing on and off for the past few years has started with one, but I'm not sure if I've utilized it to its full potential, or I'm just using it as a piss-poor chapter holder?

Secondly, if one prologues - is one obligated to epilogue too?

I'd love to hear your thoughts! ♥
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cloned_fiction: topless jaynecloned_fiction on April 4th, 2011 01:59 am (UTC)
I've never skipped a prologue that was part of the narrative though, to me they're just chapter 0 instead of chapter 1. I skip the explainy non-narrative kinds which are either an essay on the original author in a re-printed classic or a story from the author on why they wrote the book, or stuff like that which seems unnecessary to the story. Or maybe I'm thinking of forewords... I can't off the top of my head think of any books I've read with prologues, but in television the equivalent would be the teaser bit at the beginning of each episode before the opening credits.